Green Lipped Mussel

Green Lipped Mussel

Try Green Lipped Mussel for natural relief from inflammatory illnesses such as arthritis, osteoarthritis and rheumatism. 

Propolis 500mg

Propolis 500mg

Rich in vitamins, minerals and bioflavonoids, Natural Life™ Propolis is a superfood that may support immune function and overall health. 

Royal Jelly 1000

Royal Jelly 1000

Royal Jelly is a nutrient rich superfood that may help maintain energy, strength, beautiful skin and heart health. 

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Trish, Nth AvocaI just want to tell you Mom got her Royal Jelly today. THANK YOU so much for sending the second lot. You have fantastic customer service and I will be sure to recommend you to my contacts and will certainly be ordering from you again.

Jo Palmer, BrisbaneHi, just saying thanks for all of your help with the Skinlite masques. They're gentle on my sensitive skin and work better than anything I used before. I really appreciate the friendly and helpful attention.

John M, Toowoomba, QLDThank you for your speedy delivery. Keep up the good works.  

S Adeley, Bentley WA Thank you for the quick response and being easy to communicate with. Will definately order again from you guys.

Hayden Boaler, QLD AustraliaI just want to thank you for the great service you give.  I have ordered three times in a fortnight, each order arriving here in Bundaberg  Qld, two days after the order was made.  I told told my niece  how good your lanolin moisturiser is and she just emailed to say she will contact you about buying some.  

Gene Costa, USAI received the Royal Jelly today and thank you for the gifts. I am anxious to try out the Bee Pollen granules and soap.  The Kangaroo is so cute.  That was very thoughtful of you. We really appreciate your kind and gracious service. Respectfully,Gene Costa, USA

Chris Darling, USA"Well my day has started out great!! Noticed the postman walking up to my steps carrying a package.. My pollen is in and love it..:-)"Have a great day!!    Chris D.

Soyoko - Japan“I have been getting business trip to Australia for the last 37 years and I first found the Royal Jelly at the Sydney airport 5 years ago. One of the flight attendant told me she likes taking the Royal jelly so I decided to purchase. Since then I’ve never forgotten to take Royal jelly. My friend always tell me that I have a beautiful skin and look a lot younger but I believe my secret is the Royal jelly. I’ve told my friend about the Royal jelly and my friends are taking royal jelly to now. I also take Vitamin E as well.” Soyoko - Japan

Hiroshi Ikeda - Japan “My family and my brother’s family have been very happy with Lifetime health products. We have been purchasing the Royal jelly, propolis products, Squalane, Omega3 and EPO. We all take different products and I order them all for everyone. We are all very happy with quality of products and price, also very reliable service. I had been living and going overseas with my work so I had many interest in different health products in different country. I used to buy bee products from the specialised shop in Sydney and propolis from Brazil but I am happy with Lifetime health’s product now and have not had any problem. There are so many health product all over the world but I think principled quality control is most important so I buy from the country that meet the strict manufactured lines. I also take the Korean ginseng and Chinese herbs. I’m wishing the Lifetime health products’s prosper in the future.” Hiroshi Ikeda - Japan

Yuko - Japan“Thank you very much for your kindness and hard work for me. I am looking forward to getting "The Bee Pollen".  I think I am very lucky because I reached your company - I really liked the company you are working. Thanks again!” Best regards Yuko - Japan

Anish, London - England.“I adore your site; especially as I feel I can trust you guys when it comes to discussing 'holistic treatments'. In the UK, it seems to me that 'health food stores' are more concerned with selling high-marked items -rather than offering, honest, independent, factually accurate information. When I emailed you, I told my mother I was doing so, she was cynical - she does not have much faith in 'holistic treatment retailers' anymore (see above). However, I told her that I trust you guys - and she trusts me, for whatever that's worth! LOL cut a long story short, I would just like to say that I find your website/company extremely refreshing...and long may you continue to prosper & be an example to other firms....thank you for the information, much appreciated!” Anish, London - England.

Goto Yoji - Japan“We have been selling the Lifetime Health’s products in Japan for nearly 4 years and it has been a great business and a pleasure to deal with the managing director and all other staff who are very helpful and quick with responses. Your products are very popular with Japanese market and we are impressed with the quality of products as well. Prices of the products are very reasonable and quite competitive in the Japanese market. Our sales are getting better every year and we are very happy dealing with the Lifetime Health. We hope we will keep having a great business together and supplying with good service and high quality products.” Goto Yoji - Japan