Propolis Liquid Double Strength 40%


Natural Life™ Propolis Liquid Double Strength 40%

High strength multi-purpose Australian-Made Propolis Liquid

Propolis Double Strength Liquid 40% may be beneficial for:

  • Strengthening immune function
  • Boosting antioxidant activity
  • Treating throat & mouth ulcers
  • Improve healing of abrasions, cuts and wounds
  • Antibacterial mouthwash
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High Bioflavonoid content - Chloramphenicol Free - GMO Free - Safety tested for heavy metals - No artificial flavours or preservatives


Propolis is an all-natural antibacterial and antioxidant remedy that may be beneficial for strengthening and improving natural immune function.  It is a consistently popular choice for maintaining general health and wellbeing.

Health Benefits of Propolis Liquid

  • Popolis Liquid may be effective in supporting the body's natural immune function.
  • When taken with water, Propolis Liquid increases antioxidant intake, helping to fight free radical damage and oxidative stresss.
  • Used as a gargle, the liquid may help relive symptoms of minor throat infections and mouth ulcers. 
  • Propolis Liquid can be applied direct to skin to assist in the healing of minor cuts and abrasions, acne and skin irritations.
  • Propolis Liquid may be used as a gargle or mouthwash to assist in the maintenance of general oral health.

Australian Made Natural Life™ Propolis Liquids are alcohol-free and available in either 20% or 40% solutions.  The liquid is suitable for children and is gentle on the stomach and liver.

All Natural Life™ products are made according to the Australian Code of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), so you get the highest quality of product every time.

This product is listed with the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods no:  AUSTL 75196


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